1. The website: www.trecnutrition.com does not collect automatically any information, except doses contained in cookie files.

2. Cookie files (?cookies?) are small text files stored on computer by a browser. They are essential to enable users to browse around a website and use its features. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, the time they are stored on the user?s device and their unique number.

3. This policy explains how cookies are used on Trec Nutrition Ltd. websites in general .

4. Cookies are used for:
* adjusting the content of the websites to the user?s preferences, and optimizing the use of websites; in particular these files that allow the website to identify the user?s device and display the content appropriately, in a way adjusted to the user?s individual needs;
* creating statistics that help to understand the way users use websites, therefore it is possible to improve their structure and content;
*storing the user?s session (after logging in), so the User does not have to re-enter login and password on every subpage;

5. We use two types of cookies on our: ?session? (session cookies) and ?persistent? (persistent cookies). Session cookies are temporary files stored on the user?s device and they are deleted as soon as the user closes a web browser. Persistent cookies remain on the user?s computer when he has gone offline.

6. We use following types of cookie on our website:
* ?strictly necessary? cookies enable the user to move around the website and use its essential features, e.g. secure areas;
* cookies necessary for the security, e.g. to find any abuses on the website;
* ?performance cookies? collect information about how the users use our website;
* ?functionality cookies? allow our website to remember choices the user make while browsing, e.g. language, region, font size, website look.

7. Often, Internet browsers by default allow storing cookie files on the user?s device. The users may change the cookie settings at any time in the internet browser so that it blocks automatic cookie handling, or informs about the cookies saved to the user?s device every time that happens. More details on the possibilities and ways of handling cookies are available in Internet browser settings.

8. Limitations of using cookies may affect certain functions available on the website or even make it impossible to use it, but it does not have impact on reading content on the website: www.trecnutrition.com, except for those who need logging in.

9. Cookies stored on the user?s device may be used also by the companies coworking with us, e.g. on the marketing field or by the advertisers.